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Rukoo is rewriting the rules on hip-hop. He is becoming one of the most influential and controversial lyrical messengers of the 21st century, and for many the definitive messenger of our time. Building from the pioneers of the hip-hop community of the East and the gansta rhyming of the west. Rukoo is pioneering a variation of HipHop Music that is musically and politically revolutionary. With his powerful, authoritative baritone, Rukoo rhymes about social problems, particularly those plaguing the black community, often condoning revolutionary tactics and social activism. Musically, Rukoo is just as revolutionary, as his production team, creating dense sounds capes that relies on originality, relentless beats, and deep funk. It is invigorating music made all the more intoxicated by Rukoo's forceful vocals. Available online: CDBaby.com, Spotify, Tidal, AppleiTunes, Rhapsody, BuyMusic, Emusic, Musicnet, AudioLunchbox, Napster, MusicMatch, Lindows, Sony Connect, MSN Music, LoudEye, RapDoc, Mperia, Digital Kiosk Technologies, EMEPE3, Puretracks, and RuleRadio.
"Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child"